The Lexicon of Human Dignity

The Lexicon of Human Dignity has asked 11 Thought Leaders from the Atlanta area, across many disciplines, to contribute their valued experience to the Lexicon of Human Dignity Informational Artworks. By illuminating the vocabulary of Human Dignity, and with it the conversation about the challenges facing our neighbors; their insights help educate, engage and activate people to pay closer attention to how we might support their Human Dignity.

Informational Artworks are the cornerstone of this project. They provide easy to understand picture-based stories of how our Thought Leaders are working in their respective fields to support Human Dignity in our neighbors across the Atlanta Region. The Lexicon of Human Dignity displays these works via community-driven POP UP ART SHOWS hosted by a wide array of organizations across the Atlanta Region.

The Lexicon of Human Dignity project is sponsored by The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany in Atlanta, GA. You can learn more at and visit the Informational Artworks in The Emory Center for Ethics Gallery. The Installation runs through December 13th.

LOHD LOHD Kitti Murray-Welcome Refugees-low res2.jpg

“Welcome Refugees”, Kitti Murray of Refuge Coffee Co., Clarkston, Georgia
Photographer: Jenna Shea Photography
Designer: Monica Kraeger