Thought Leader: Kitti Murray, Owner of Refuge Coffee Co.
Location: Clarkston, Georgia
Photographer: Jenna Shea Photography
Designer: Monica Kraeger

KITTI MURRAY SAYS: “The need for a welcoming and comfortable Coffee Shop where we can connect our friends with the refugees had to happen, because Forming Meaningful Relationships is what it feels like to be Human.”

Refuge Coffee Co. is a means of telling the rest of the world a better refugee story.  In Clarkston, GA, Kitti Murray has created a place where people can be elevated and informed, and where their dignity is affirmed. Job opportunities for refugees were far away and in poor conditions. The coffee shop provides full time living wage jobs, as well as training and mentorship support for the refugee community that needs it so desperately. Medical, legal and language information and connections are also made available.